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Heart Projects is a company that offers spiritual and inspirational jewelry and accessories. We are a mother-and-daughter team, and we are so happy and grateful to be doing what we are love to do and to have our vision and creativity appreciated and enjoyed by others! Our designs are intended to energize and empower, and they are crafted with heart with genuine semi-precious gemstones, Swarovski crystals and crystal pearls, and inspiring charms and quote tags.

Heather Knorpp is the designer and visionary behind Heart Projects’ inspirational and spiritual jewelry and accessory items. She is the mother of two wonderful boys, Tyler and Kyle, ages eleven and eight. Heather meticulously handcrafts all of Heart Projects’ semi-precious Chakramid® chakra jewelry and key chains, our Manifesting® energy jewelry, and our Angel Essential™ necklaces and key chains. Heather’s many talents include photographing all of Heart Projects’ products.

Mary Jo is Heather’s mom–and also Jeff’s and Rachel’s–and wordsmith for the company. She collaborates with Heather in creating new lines, and writes the informational booklets included with many of Heart Projects’ products, and our newly created blog, Heartivations. Mary Jo is also the author of Rainbow Eyes: Chakramid Reflections, a fictional tale of one woman’s journey to chakra energy awakening.

 The core of our relationship is multifaceted:  mom to mom, daughter to mom, mom to daughter, friend to friend and partner to partner. We carry this dynamic into our business and it is the energy driving the ideals and diversity of our product lines. Heart Projects is constantly evolving and recreating itself as we learn and evolve as well. We are always surprised and delighted as new product ideas and design concepts are dreamed and imagined by us.

The bottom line is our company’s primary goals are to offer quality products and superior service to our customers, and to do so with love and respect. Our products are our passion and we are so very pleased to share them with others to use and enjoy. As we bloom as a company, we hope to spread beauty and joy to everyone we encounter along the way.

To see Heart Projects’ Spiritual and Inspirational Jewelry & Accessories go to: Heart Projects’ website


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